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*This game was made during  41 within 72 hours!

What is this game🎮

You woke up from a LAN party pwnage hangover. Oh no! Drunk from your awesomeness, you jammed someone's ROM chips into your Blitzboy™ Tetris handheld!


Assimilate enemies to shield your core!

Clear 3 x 3 squares to counter-attack!

Beware of the glitching boundary!

Show off your iron reflex and tactical prowess!

Move: WASD/Arrow keys

Switch Console: Click arrows/ Q and E key

Fiddle: Smash those buttons! Drag outside of the Blitzboy to get a 360 view, and appreciate the beautiful build quality   ε=ε=ε=(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


We have handcrafted a couple of Blitzboys for you to enjoy! 

Shove some coins into your disk tray and enjoy the brain melting bullet hell Tetris-em-up that is Blitztris! 

There might be more models coming your way soon!


ThatFrankGuy: Game Design + Gameplay Programming

lil.sichen: Techincal Art + Blitzboy Designs

Tom: Gameplay Programming + Game Balance

Gary: 3D Modeling

In addition, part of our audio resources is taken from:

Special Thanks💌

SecretPocketCat caught all the weird and hilarious bugs for us ;)

Note from the devs📜

We highly recommend you to download the latest version

We recommend it to everyone, including those who are participating in the jam. This version is much more optimized than the jam (0.1.0) version (which is almost 5 times slower). 

If you choose to play the latest version and rate us for the LD event, please factor out the extra features described in the dev log when you review. We left the original version here just to make sure people could see the very original content that came out at the end of the jam. Thanks!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Blitztris v0.2.1 (Windows) 65 MB
Blitztris v0.2.1 (Mac) 69 MB
Blitztris v0.1.0 (Windows original version) 48 MB
Blitztris v0.1.0 (Mac original version) 68 MB

Development log


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This game is so insane. We enjoyed it very much.

It only needs a multiplayer mode (DuoBlitztris) to be more fun. :)

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for playing! A Blitzboy Duo would certainly be fun! Maybe we'll add that in within the next couple of updates🤔